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Our center efficiently and expertly evaluates investigatory medications and devices for patients who have conditions for which we have expertise. Our highly qualified professionals have successfully completed more than 80 clinical trials during the past decade. We offer pioneering research opportunities that may not be available elsewhere. Our easily accessible state-of-the-art facility is staffed by a professional research staff with over 50 years of combined clinical trials experience.

About Us

Our Team

What sets Neurocare apart is the care our staff provides for our research participants. We are dedicated to making volunteers’ experience comfortable and safe; the well-being of our volunteers is a top priority. Before they enroll in a trial we make sure that they understand what can be expected during their participation and that any questions are answered. Our dedication to customer service and ethical conduct are key features of our culture. This manifests itself in our exceptionally high retention rate of volunteers.

Our principal investigator

Neurocare is proud to collaborate with Robert Thomas, MD, a Boston-based, Board Certified, sleep physician who assumes Principal Investigator responsibilities for selected sleep trials. The collaboration produces patient focused, high quality results.

Our Location

Neurocare Center for Research is conveniently located in Newton, Massachusetts with easy access to Route 95 and the Mass. Pike.
For directions, please click here.

Ample free parking is easily accessible to our first floor suite.

Healthcare Providers

We routinely contact each patient’s primary care provider and relevant specialist(s) to inform them of the details of the trial for which their patient is eligible. This communication enables each patient to have meaningful consultations with their physicians regarding the trial and also make sure that participation in the trial will not conflict with ongoing or anticipated treatment managed by their doctors. After patients give written consent, we request permission from each volunteer to allow us to share information about their trial with their doctors to ensure the volunteer’s safety. We also ask doctors to provide patients’ key medical records. During the course of each volunteer’s trial we report any abnormal lab and/or imaging results to their doctors. Optimal communication between Neurocare physicians and volunteers’ clinicians promotes safety and efficacy within the trials. Participation in trials includes lab testing and assessment, updated medical histories, and physical examinations.


We are committed to safety, adherence to ICH/GCP, outstanding customer service, and professionalism. Our research suite includes a laboratory/examination room, conference rooms, a temperature-monitored secure drug storage room, offices for managers and administrators, and on-site storage for document retention. We reserve areas for visiting study monitors that include high speed internet connections, a copy machine, printer, fax machine, and supplies.

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