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Why participate in clinical trials?

Clinical trials provide volunteers with the opportunity to receive investigational drugs or devices that are not yet available to the public. While they are participating in a clinical trial, each volunteer’s condition will be assessed, at no cost, by our physicians. Blood testing, electrocardiograms, and other tests to monitor the safety of each volunteer may be performed as mandated by the study protocol.

Why participate at Neurocare Center for Research?

Our warm, professional, service-oriented research team and environment enable research volunteers to feel welcome, engaged, and comfortable. Over the past 14 years Neurocare Center for Research has collaborated with leading pharmaceutical companies to expertly conduct clinical trials. Neurocare maintains an excellent track record ensuring that volunteers are informed, safe, and satisfied.

Why do people decide to volunteer for clinical trials?

•To discuss their concerns and ideas with research staff
•To learn more about their condition and associated problems
•To try an investigational medication that is not yet approved by the FDA
•To receive, at no cost, periodic consultations, physical examinations, laboratory testing, and investigational medication
•By their participation they contribute to the development of investigative drugs which may help their condition

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