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Alliances in Sleep Medicine

Neurocare possesses a proven track record of working with clients to design and implement successful and innovative sleep programs. The company was founded in 1988 as an American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) accredited sleep center serving the Boston area. We have since developed national recognition for our excellence in managing sleep programs for academic medical centers, hospitals, and physicians. We work with a wide range of clients to clarify their goals and execute mutually agreed upon plans.

A Tailored Relationship

Neurocare offers a variety of relationship models. Our experience has taught us that “cookie cutter” solutions to complex sleep medicine challenges often produce poor results. Our personalized approach assesses many variables including partner goals, existing assets, competition, and the regional payor environment. We work with clients to structure long-term partnerships that build on their strengths and address areas of need. Clients can choose from an array of development and operational services that best meet their needs.


Partnerships that Work

Neurocare owns or manages a network of free-standing and hospital-based sleep centers in New England. We are engaged in collaborative, long-term management relationships with community hospitals in New England and academic medical centers in Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia. Our approach, depth of experience, and breadth of knowledge differentiate us from our competition. Our highly adaptable business models create the ideal program for each client.

Business Presentation



Business Planning

Our business planning expertise establishes a solid foundation and focused direction for your sleep program in the areas of:
Strategic business planning and implementation
In-depth market analysis
Identification of appropriate sleep centerbusiness models

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Our professional services will help clients achieve high levels of physician and patient satisfaction. Our model ensures high clinical quality, and optimizes successful operational resources through:

Management structure achieving costeffectiveness and accountability
Adopting “best practices” into clinical protocols
uccessful technologist staffing models
Clinical and administrative qualityassurance and compliance programs
Information technology infrastructure toexpedite and simplify sleep studyinterpretation and PAP therapy management
Management of the AASM accreditation process
Facility planning and management (new orexpanding

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Our diverse experience yields distinctive competitive advantages for clients. We offer:
A-STEP: (AASM) Accredited Sleep Technologist Education ProgramTargeted education, customer service, and support coordination between clients and their referral sourcesBest practices to ensure patient education throughout the sleep study processProven record of successful client AASM accreditation

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