Will my insurance pay for my sleep study?

Most major health insurances cover sleep testing.  However, you may be responsible for the deductible and co-pay portion as required by your insurance plan.  If you have any questions regarding your coverage, or to determine your out of pocket costs, co-insurance, and co-pays, and in versus out of network expenses we strongly advise that you contact your insurance provider prior to your sleep study appointment. 

Why do I need precertification for my sleep study?

Precertification is mandated by most insurance companies to ensure medical necessity for a sleep study.

Is sleep testing completed in one night?

Your physician may have ordered diagnostic testing, which focuses on ruling out whether a sleep disorder exists. If during your in-lab diagnostic study you are confirmed to have sleep apnea, you may need to come back for further testing.


If your physicians has requested both diagnostic and treatment testing, then during the night, a CPAP machine will be adjusted to the best pressure level settings that allow you to consistently breath during the night.  As each study is unique to each patient, the need for CPAP therapy may not be readily apparent or may occur too late in the study to allow for proper adjustment of the CPAP machine. It may be necessary for patients in these cases to have a second sleep study to complete the adjustment of CPAP therapy. 


Titration testing is usually completed in one night.

Home Sleep Testing is usually completed in one night. 

What happens after my study is completed?

Depending on how you sleep, it may take all night to reach a diagnosis. 

If your physician ordered a Split Study and only the diagnostic portion of your test was completed, your study data will be reviewed by our clinical staff.  Our schedulers will be notified if your results show that you need to return for CPAP therapy.  We will also notify your physician of these preliminary results.

If you had a PAP testing, you will not go home in the morning with a CPAP machine. The machine will be ordered by your physician through a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) company. 

How do I get my test results?

Once the sleep physician has interpreted your study, your referring physician will be notified of the results, including whether CPAP therapy or any other treatment is recommended. You may follow up with your referring physician for the results. Please note our office staff do not provide study results over the phone.  

How do I get my CPAP machine?

Your physician will contact a DME (Durable Medical Equipment company) that will provide the equipment. 


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